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Research & development

Research and development are the driving forces behind the success of brake manufacturers. KETULLA Brake Pads Company takes pride in possessing the most advanced shear test machine, including friction development and testing facilities, with 2 force measurement test platforms capable of simulating braking scenarios on various road surfaces.

Our company is a director of the China Friction Materials Association, and one of the participants in the formulation of Chinese friction material standards as well as one of the initiators

KETULLA has 24 years of experience in brake pad manufacturing since 2000. Continuous improvement and enhancement throughout the process have led to the stable quality we have today. KETULLA ensures that a pre-production inspection is conducted on each batch of mixed friction materials to guarantee that the product performance meets the ECR90 quality standards.

Our staff not only conducts tests on established product formulas but also engages in technical exchanges and learning in different countries. This not only helps us solidify existing formulas but also facilitates exchanges with peers worldwide, while actively researching and developing new product 

Formulations to meet the demands of the modern market.

The R&D team not only conducts daily testing and research on new formulations but also provides professional knowledge training to our foreign trade personnel.

This enables them to better provide professional answers to foreign cooperative clients and to communicate with our business team at the first instance when issues arise with foreign clients, ensuring rapid and effective problem-solving for our customers.

As one of China’s outstanding brake pad manufacturers, KETULLA boasts 2351 different models of brake pads and is equipped with 2 shear test machines. These machines can simulate the performance of brake pads under various road conditions.

At KETULLA, we firmly believe in maintaining our passion for brake pads and constantly innovating, striving to become the most excellent brake pad producer and supplier in China

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