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Ceramic brake pads

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Ketulla is the premier manufacturer of carbon fiber ceramic brake pads in China. Our pads offer unmatched performance, durability, and reliability, backed by cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control. Trust Ketulla for superior braking solutions tailored to your needs.

custom carbon ceramic disk pads types

Ketulla offers carbon brake pads in two types,  ceramic brake pads FF grade for normal cars use, and ceramic brake pads GF grade for racing cars, all will be in advanced, select low dust no noise ceramic brake pads formula, just contact us now!

ceramic brake pads

Ceramic brake pads FF grade

Carbon ceramic pads FF grade This is a regular product of our company with a large trade volume at present. Based on the technical optimization and improvement of our old formula, the performance has increased by 1.2%, but the price has not changed. This product is now very popular in Central and South American countries.

The disc brake ceramic uses large particles of graphene, on the basis of increasing the coefficient of friction, it can maintain enough heat resistance to ensure that the vehicle continues to brake at high temperatures and to maintain excellent braking performance to ensure our driving safety; just for your rear & front brakes!

This pads brake ceramic formula suitable for  any type of cars

Non Ceramic brake pads GF grade

Ready for the smoothest, quietest, longest-lasting replacement brake ceramic pad? Carbon hign performance ceramic disc pads GF grade This product is mainly used when the friction coefficient and braking performance of brake pads are required to be better. At present, it is mainly used in coupes and sports cars. The materials used in this product are more refined, and the high temperature generated during the braking process of the vehicle will not cause the friction performance to decline, so it is recommended to use this product especially for vehicles in special areas. But relatively speaking, the price is higher than semi metallic brake pads.

If you are interested in this product, Ketulla, as a ceramic brake pad company suggest you take a sample to test, we guarantee that the quality of this product will definitely surprise you.

This formula suitable for  any type of cars

ceramic brake pad

Advantages of ceramic brake pads

  1. Reduced Noise: Ceramic brake pads tend to produce less noise compared to metallic or semi-metallic pads, providing a quieter braking experience.

  2. Less Dust: They generate less brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer periods and reducing maintenance requirements.

  3. Better Performance in High Temperatures: Ceramic pads are excellent at handling high temperatures, making them less prone to brake fade during intense braking situations such as downhill driving or repeated hard stops.

  4. Gentler on Rotors: Ceramic pads are typically softer than metallic counterparts, which means they are less abrasive to the brake rotors, leading to longer rotor life.

  5. Improved Durability: Ceramic brake pads often have a longer lifespan compared to other materials, reducing the frequency of pad replacements and overall maintenance costs.

  6. Consistent Performance: They provide consistent braking performance across a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions, ensuring predictable stopping power.

  7. Reduced Wear: Ceramic pads wear down more evenly over time, maintaining consistent performance throughout their lifespan.

  8. Environmentally Friendly: Ceramic brake pads are often considered more environmentally friendly than alternatives because they produce less dust and are less abrasive to the brake system, leading to reduced wear and tear on brake components.

disaAdvantages of ceramic brake pads

  1. Higher Cost: Ceramic brake pads typically come at a higher price point compared to traditional semi-metallic or organic brake pads, which can make them less economical for some consumers.

  2. Less Initial Bite: Ceramic brake pads may provide slightly less initial bite or immediate braking response compared to other materials, which could affect braking feel, particularly in high-performance driving scenarios.

  3. Limited Performance in Extreme Conditions: While ceramic brake pads excel in handling high temperatures, they may not perform as well as some metallic compounds in extreme racing or heavy towing applications where sustained high temperatures are encountered.

  4. Potential for Cracking: In very rare cases, ceramic brake pads may be prone to cracking under severe stress or impact, although this is uncommon and typically only occurs under extreme conditions.

  5. Compatibility Issues: Some ceramic brake pad formulations may not be suitable for all types of vehicles or braking systems, so it’s important to ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle model and usage requirements.

  6. Harder on Rotors: While ceramic pads are generally softer than metallic pads, they can still be harder on brake rotors compared to organic pads, potentially leading to increased rotor wear over time.

  7. Braking Performance in Cold Weather: Ceramic brake pads may not provide optimal performance in very cold temperatures, as they may take longer to warm up and reach their peak braking efficiency compared to other materials.

Features & benefits of breaking in ceramic brake pads

  • Select less dust formula
  • Better rim optics
  • Reduced brake pad and brake disc wear
  • Greater comfortable
  • Better environmental protection
  • Reduced repair costs thanks to reduced service intervals
  • High degree of safety
  • Extensive product range for the front and rear axles
  • Continuous expansion of the range

Quality features & info

  • Premium and Lifestyle vehicles
  • Thanks to the expansion of the small car segment, even more vehicles can now be equipped with the highly-popular brake pads.
  • All Ketulla Ceramic brake pads are tested for ECE R90 compliance;
  • Ketulla Ceramic brake pads are designed for drivers who demand comfort. This is why we recommend combining Ketulla Ceramic brake pads with only “normal” (smooth) brake discs to achieve maximum comfort.
  • Ceramic brake pads GF grade when braking at high speeds. This is a well-known phenomenon. The braking performance, however, remains at the same high level. The droning noise has no effect on the braking performance of the vehicle.
  • The service life of brake pads is highly dependent on the usage profile and the pad temperatures. In general, Ketulla Ceramic brake pads wear significantly less than conventional (“low met”) brake pads, especially when braking under everyday conditions.

Commit To Copper Free Compliance

Our Promise

ketullabrakes is committed to producing premium disc brake pads in line with the copper-free Brak initiative. Seriously enforce industry standards in brake pad production, as a community, we are helping to reduce toxic heavy metals in the environment and road runoff, let’s work together to protect the environment we depend on,

What Is Copper Free Compliance

On January 21, 2015, EPA, states, and the automotive industry signed an agreement to reduce the use of copper and other materials in motor vehicle brake pads. The agreement calls for reducing copper in brake pads to < 5 percent  by weight in 2021 and 0.5 percent by 2025, Quote from”National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)”

front & rear ceramic brake pads cost

ceramic Front brake pads cost

The cost of ceramic front brake pads can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, the specific make and model of your vehicle, and where you purchase them. Generally, ceramic brake pads tend to be more expensive than traditional semi-metallic or organic brake pads due to their enhanced performance and durability.

On average, Ketulla’s top rated ceramic brake pads price is from 2.01 USD to 8.51 USD set of ceramic front brake pads with high performance the complexity of your vehicle’s braking system, and any additional features or benefits offered by the brake pads.

ceramic rear brake pads cost

The cost of ceramic rear brake pads, similar to front brake pads, vehicle make and model, and the retailer you choose to purchase from. Generally, ceramic rear brake pads tend to be priced lower than front brake pads.

On average, you can expect to pay between $1.2  to $5.21 or more for a set of ceramic rear brake pads. However, prices can fluctuate based on factors such as the types of brake pads also we can see the friction material difference

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