24 years' manufacturing experience

Emark & IATF16949 accredited

On time delivery

2351 brake pads models

cover 98% cars of the world

Quality quarantee with affordable price

reliable brake pads manufacturer&suppliers

Ketulla as a professional brake pads manufacturer with running for 24 years, covers 2351 different pads brake models, holding ceramic brake pads, semi-metallic brake pads, racing car brake pads, truck brake pads
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KETULLA Brake Corporation Delivers The Solutions Of Braking

With 24 years of expertise in brake production, Ketulla delivers high-performance braking power, quiet operation, extended pad life, and advanced braking, noise, vibration solutions for the automotive industry. With KETULLA's latest ceramic brake pad GG grade, you can enjoy smoother rides and cleaner wheels.
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sign up for product development updates and technical tips from KETULLA. This will enable our distributors to quickly grasp the post-sale brake pad information from KETULLA. We empower your success by promptly sharing essential information about our company and industry with you.
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Copper free, high performance

ketullabrakes is committed to producing premium disc brake pads in line with the copper-free Brak initiative. Seriously enforce industry standards in brake pad production, as a community, we are helping to reduce toxic heavy metals in the environment and road runoff, let’s work together to protect the environment we depend on,
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brake pads for vehicles

KETULLA can cover 98% of the vehicles in the world, whether you are a wholesaler or distributor, just send us your inquiry list for pricelist with our drawings.
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there is Ketulla to meet your needs

Maybe you are looking for a stable supplier with high quality and reasonable price that can suitable for your market,  look no further, Ketulla is your best choice, Whether you are a new beginner or a small business wholesaler, Ketulla sales team always be here to help you to improve you business. We are a team, let us work together to deal with all matters!


Different oem front & rear car brake pads formulas are built for you

Ketulla offers custom services with 4 different formulas to meet your needs, holding 2351 different pad models that meet 98% of vehicles in the world

why 13200+ partners choose us

Why Choose Us As Your Wholesale brake pads Supplier

Professional brake pads supplier: we are a brake pads factory with running for 24 years.
Quality Management System: We have 6 quality inspectors who check each batch of products against international inspection standards. Click here to learn the Ketulla quality control process.
Automatic Production Lines: Ketulla brake pads factory is equipped with automated production lines to automate various processes to ensure high-quality and low-cost production.
Free brake pads Samples: Provide free brake pads samples for road testing and machine testing to confirm that we meet your requirements. Click here to get a sample now!

the issues you are concerning

Check the bellows issues, whether you are a wholesaler or distributor, you will find the right solutions. 

how to choose brake pads

how to choose brake pads

This article will let you know the importance of brake pads, the comositon fo brake pads, and how to choose the right brake pads for your business.

how to choose brake pads manufacturer

how to choose the best manufacturers for your business in 2024

This article show you the top 10 brake pads manufacturer in the world in 2024, it will help you to find right brake pads manufacturer for you or your business.

which type of brake pads for truck

which type of brake pads for truck

Typically, our customers demand the following from brake pads: Braking performance. Good pedal feel. No noise (no long, sharp noise or other annoying noises), little ..........

brake pads types

Exploring The Types Of Brake Pads: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered how your vehicle safely comes to a stop when you gently press the brake pedal? Brake pads are crucial components ....

you Need pads, we make it

KETULLA custom your required pad brakes based on your local markets, since we cover 98% of vehicles. we can let you know how to order from us according to your requirments.

order list

order list

Send us your inquiry list about brake pads models based on the OEM numbers, we will send you the drawing with pricelist

brake pads types

types of brake pads

KETULLA offer 3 brake pads materials: ceramic, semi metallic, low metallic, just let us know your favorite.

box packaging

box design

KETULLA provide free design for your box according to your requirement freely, also the shims printing method

brake pad for cars

You are Looking for some cars models with brake pads?  Ketulla performance brake pads can cover 98% cars of in the world, Do not worry,  just let us know your OE number or FMSI number that you want, and we will analyze it according to our model list, and then send you pricelist with our drawings, in order to avoid some mistakes. 

brake pads for Toyota camry

brake pads for japanese cars

Japanese cars: Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura.

semi metallic brake pads for mazda cx9

brake pads for Korean cars

Korean cars models: Daewoo, Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong

brake pads for Chery

brake pads for chinese cars

Chinese cars models: Hongqi, NEXTEV, Byd, Lixiang, GEELY, Haval, Changan

brake pads for ford fusion1

brake pads for American cars

Amercian cars models: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Lincon, Tesla.

brake pads for BMW 3 series

brake pads for german cars

German cars: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Opel, Smart, Volkswagen.

brake pads for Peugeot 2008

brake pads for french cars

French cars: Citroen, DS, Peugeot, Renault.

brake pads for land rover discovery 4

brake pads for UK cars

UK cars: Aston Martin, Land Rover, Mini

car disc brake pads for Volvo XC60

brake pads for cars

Other cars: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Iveco, SAAB, VOLVO, Seat

real feedback form KETULLA customers

Thank you, Garry. As a new beginner in the brake pad industry, I’ve been collaborating with you for four years now, and I am extremely happy with our partnership. Your support has consistently helped me expand my business, and I look forward to strengthening our cooperation even further.


Sergio Calderón


Even though this is our first collaboration, we’ve noticed that you’ve always been proactive in addressing our concerns from our perspective. It’s not just about the pricing; your attitude has already convinced us to pursue a long-term partnership. we will double try truck brake pads, Amigo,




Despite encountering a few minor issues in our collaboration, such as missing components, I greatly appreciate your attitude, . While price is an important aspect for us, what we value even more is your ability to address issues effectively. Here’s to a successful and enjoyable partnership ahead!




Frequently Asked Questions

Ketulla is a brake pads manufacturer and suppliers with running for 24 years, holding 2351 different brake pads models,  covering 98% almost of the cars of the world, is your reliable brake pads supplier. view our blogs to get more informations

Actually, KETULLA covers Vehicles: Japanese cars, Korean cars, Euro cars, other cars, check compatible with vehicles details. 

We are a customer-oriented company. Basically, we will support you as lower as we can on MOQ. although each model is 20 sets.

The typical payment terms are deposit 30% plus balance 70% payment before shipment.

We prefer to receive payment by wire transfer to our company bank account.  payment methods: TT, L/C or others

Yes, we can send you our catalog for your reference, or you can check our Resources to download the data.

Ketulla brake pads always keep you safety in the road

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Free down load our E-catalogue, drawing of pads

Sign up for our brake pad data with the best discount.

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